Individuals and teams are capable of achieving extraordinary results when they operate at their best. With a focus on results, Anne partners with leaders to engage stakeholders and strengthen the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organizations. She uses a unique blend of inquiry, candor, and best practices to craft concrete strategies for reaching measurable results. 

Through consultation and facilitation, Anne provides customized solutions to:

  • Assess performance – How well is a program, team or department meeting their objectives? What lever will drive greater outcomes?
  • Build leadership capability – What development needs do your new, emerging or seasoned leaders have? How can your leaders help each other grow?
  • Guide strategic planning – In what areas should you invest and divest? How can you involve a broad spectrum of stakeholders in your planning process? What strategic conversations will benefit from a facilitator?
  • Improve team effectivenessHow well do team members understand their roles? What healthy communication patterns can be better leveraged? What are tangible ways to increase engagement?
  • Plan and implement changeWhat vision will be the most inspiring? What strategies will you use to strengthen the adoption of a new program, initiative or new leader? What communication will create the greatest buy-in? 

Guiding Principles

  • The client is accountable for the current state and the future state; Anne provides guidance, facilitation and a catalyst for change.
  • Group conversations that are safe and enable respect for all voices will produce the most meaningful results.
  • Performance is a combination of many factors; implementing a series of solutions that build upon one another is often the most effective approach for transformative change.
  • Individual and collective insight, leading to action, is the initial step in change.

Recent Projects

  • Planning and facilitating the inaugural convening of the Women of Color in Engineering Collaboration. (Supported by a National Science Foundation INCLUDES Planning Grant.)
  • Planning and facilitating an Emerging Research Workshop on the subject of Identity-based Harassment. (Sponsored by the ADVANCE Resource and Coordination Network.)
  • Facilitating employee focus groups and making recommendations to the leadership team for improving workplace satisfaction.
  • Convening and facilitating peer coaching/mentoring sessions.
  • Coaching a senior executive at a nonprofit.