“Anne Massaro is a joy to work with. In our work together, she has facilitated strategic planning and leadership development workshops and coached executive leaders. Feedback from clients who work with Anne is always positive. What I enjoy most about working with her is how she shows up. Anne has years of experience and deep expertise, yet comes to the work ready to listen and learn. She is attentive, open and always adapting what she know to best support clients in the current situation and is never afraid to respectfully challenge them to think things through or go deeper. Additionally, she is generous with her knowledge, always willing to share what she knows or resources she has used to support my work with other clients. As smart and capable she is, Anne is also fun to be around. Don’t let her quiet demeanor allow you to miss out on her sharp wit. I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing to work with her.” – CEO and President, Kane Learning

“Our senior leadership team developed a great partnership with Anne during our corporate strategic planning process. Anne’s experience became evident as she was able to keep us on track, in an environment that was both enjoyable and productive, while addressing some complex subject matters. We and our board are extremely pleased with the final product.” – President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers

“I have had the privilege of working with Ms. Massaro for several years in different capacities. Last year a small group of women contracted with Anne to help us form a peer mentoring group. I can honestly say that her assistance has made a world of difference for me on a day to day basis. Anne provided us with tools and strategies as well as a safe place to process past events or plan for future ones. These tools are elegant in their simplicity and effective in the moment that you need them most. Anne is an expert facilitator. Her skills ensure all voices are heard and that a respectful and productive environment is maintained.” – Senior Faculty, The Ohio State University

“I walk away from this meeting with contextual insights, new contacts, and deep appreciation for the respect, expertise, experiences and compassion in the room. The excellent stage setting, safety building, agenda design, and blend of participants was beautiful in every way.” – President, National Nonprofit Association

“You brought experience in knowing how the university and the hierarchy within the higher education system operates as you brought your gentle approach to coaching us. Your thoughtful listening and appreciative inquiry asked us questions that made us peel back the layers to get to the heart of what the issues really were and helped us to think through how we could effectively approach any situation with confidence and try to bring about change.” – Group Coaching Participant

“I continue to marvel at how you direct conversations to be positive and fertile. It is truly a blessing to work with you again.” – Professor Emerita, The Ohio State University

“Thank you for your leadership … We really would not have been able to stay focused and come to decisions without your guidance.” – Client

“Watching you navigate these difficult issues was genuine and inspiring. Your ability to remain grounded, energized and optimistic, while juggling so many diverse ideas and opinions was amazing.” – Retreat Participant