A Good Dose of Dewey

November 8th is International Human Animal Bond Day and so it seems fitting to recognize what a good dose of Dewey does for me each and every day.

Dewey is curious, loving, and playful, and possesses a carefree, easy spirit. He is incredibly agreeable, no matter who he is with, or where he finds himself. He knows how to be in this world, in his own sweet way. He accepts what is, not asking for much; just an occasional belly rub, edible treat or sunny spot to lay.

When I am feeling stressed or stretched beyond my limits, I spend time with Dewey. On walks, we meander, stopping frequently to smell good, earthy odors. We stay on the side of the street with sunshine, and always greet others with enthusiasm. When we need more action than a slow walk provides, we play fetch again, and again, and again.

Self-care, stress management and mindfulness are buzz words for what Dewey gives to me. I’m grateful for his energy and his unconditional love. I’m a better, healthier person because of him.